Video and Photo Production

We're recognized nationally for our work
Specific focus on medical, lifestyle and aerial work.

Content Marketing

Story Driven Marketing - get photos and videos of your best work
It's your most powerful sales tool.

Responsive Websites

Our content is beautiful and scaleable.
Get a website that looks great on your tablet, watch or TV.
Designed to work no matter what.


Content Marketing

The best way to market your business is with great content. Get the website, social campaigns and rich content that will resonate in your market for years to come. It’s the coolest thing you can do for your business and you can produce it in just days instead of the months it usually takes. Jump start your marketing today.

Video and Photo

Video and rich media is the future of search. Make your marketing work for people and for search. Get yourself found and create beautiful and scalable projects that grow with you and generate new business.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile ready and easy to update is our unofficial motto. Don’t get locked in to some crazy content management system that only your web guy can use. We make fast loading, breathtaking websites that work across all platforms. We build in WordPress so you can not only update your own page but find thousands of developers who can easily work on it and grow your web strategy.
Steve Schadt is a web developer, photographer and video expert located in Sarasota FL.
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DOB: 02/25/1971


Our services solve problems. We generate new business and support your existing client base. From email campaigns to to complicated video production we come in, listen to you, then get the project done. We’re known for coming in on time with amazing creative. Get some marketing that works for you.

Responsive Web Design

Is you site responsive? This simply means that your website scales easily to different devices. As the world moves to smaller and smaller devices responsive sites keep your content beautiful and legible across all platforms. It’s a big bonus for usability and for search placement.

Content Marketing

Google is more and more starting to favor sites that have great content. It stands to reason that the best content and the freshest content should rise to the top of the search engines. Look for this trend to continue and try to make content that humans love and the search engines will follow.

Video and Photo Production

We offer complete video and photo production services. We develop beautiful work that really captures your vision. Get photo and video you can be proud of and that will last the life of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s critical to come up on the major search engines. Our SEO gets sites to catalog well and is a long term solution for your business. We focus on white hat methods and firmly believe that the best content, logically displayed and easy to use is the best kind of SEO for people and for Google.

Email and Opt In Databases

Building email databases is critical to the modern business or medical practice. We build the intake systems and mine the emails out of your existing data. Then we build a campaign that can generate new business on command. A great email list is a huge asset to your bottom line.

Reputation Management

Your business needs good reviews and positive content. Control your online destiny before someone else does. Use your website and systems to create great reviews and generate positive buzz. It’s a great time to get the reputation you deserve.

Facebook Ads and Page Dev

Facebook drives a lot of traffic. Get great content developed and distribute it through Facebook. Develop a database of Facebook users and market to them over and over again. Facebook ads work.

Google +, Google Local, Google Maps

Get ahead of your competition using Google tools. Register your business, build business pages and get cataloged on Google. There is a real opportunity to integrate your site and your marketing within Google itself.

Web, Photo, Video – Content That Converts

We create content and tell your best patient stories.
Our websites are easy to use, easy to find and we’re easy to work with.
Make the marketing that defines your brand.

"Steve really helped my business grow in 2013.
Our web and email campaigns have created tons of new patients."

− Dr. Robert Jones

"My marketing really brings in new patients."

− Dr. Sheldon Seidman