Content Marketing

Exceptional Copy. Compelling Design.
Award Winning Video and Photo. Get Marketing That Sells.

Content is the reason search began in the first place.

Photo and Video

Beautiful shots of your best work. This is what all great marketing is built on. Quality content well delivered.

Search Engine Optimization

Video and new content catalog well. Great patient stories are great content.

Rapid Deployment

A new content strategy can be rolled out door to door in under a month. It’s much faster than traditional marketing or web development.

Conversion Tools

Testimonials are hugely valuable. Great patient stories are the secret to converting more patients in your office and through your marketing.

What is content marketing?

it’s the art and science of creating things real people actually want to read, post and engage with. As Google and other search engines have evolved there has been a real push to catalog content that isn’t just a bunch of keywords thrown together but is rather a compelling and interesting article/graphic/posting/video that really captures the minds of actual people.

Search today is about being the best resource.

The days of keyword stuffing and creating tons of pages for the purposes of search alone are long behind us. Thin content and reams of BS is frustrating for users and is now penalized by search engines as webspam. The challenge of search today is to create things that are easy to catalog and that people really like. It’s not easy, but great content is a long term play for your site to catalog better and convert better long term.

The resurgence of the copywriter in modern search.

SEO for a long time discounted the value of well written copy. My favorite quote from a writer was “if SEO was a dude I’d punch him in the face.” The fact was that for many years on the web it just didn’t matter much how something was written if it had the right keywords and length.  This focus on the robotic aspect of search content created huge reservoirs of horrible content, boring blogs and fake articles. Today, the balance has shifted.  Good content has become good business. Writing is not about keyword density, writing is about thinking and selling.

Great content sets you apart from the masses

It’s simple really – the best stuff rises to the top. Not only on the search engines but in the mind and hearts of real people. A investment in a long term content strategy with good copywriters and designers is a great decision for your practice. Generating poorly written articles for SEO makes you look like a doofus. Not doing anything at all means you’re going to get caught by your competitors sooner than later. Put into place a real marketing plan with real marketing experts and you’ll have a real solution in place.

What is the solution?

Get a strategic marketing team in place. Let’s sit down and make a 30/90/360 day plan for your practice. We’ll look at your current stats and get a long term solution in place for your marketing. There is no magic bullet. Tell the truth. tell patient stories. Make your marketing jive with what’s going on at the practice. Contact out team with the form below or call 941.400.0104 to get started.

Are you ready to create some marketing that really works?

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The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be.
- David Ogilvy