Digital Photo and Video For The Medical Practice

Your best sales tools are happy patients and their success stories.

You can create amazing still and video content with an iphone and good technique. Get the tools you need to create patient stories and shoot better case studies of your work. Nothing creates trust and builds rapport like case studies. Both online and in the practice these tools give you a amazing conversion tool. As consumers and competitors become more sophisticated this is what will set your practice apart.

If someone agrees to be involved with your marketing you owe it to your practice to take better pictures and video their story!

Download our free ebook to learn more about simple tips for creating your own videos/pictures for your marketing.

Solution: Digital Photo and Video
For the Medical Practice


We want all our clients to shoot better clinical photos. We consult worldwide on proper studio setups and proper lighting scenarios for the surgical practice. Download our book to learn:

– Secrets to great patient portraits for your marketing
– Shooting video and stills for the web and office
– Avoiding lens distortion
– Camera settings you set and forget
– Best practices to organize and name files
– Build slide shows, Ipad presentations and online movies
– Using Photoshop to showcase your work
– Speed up and organize digital workflow
– A model release you can trust for external marketing

Ebook on Digital Photo and Video for the medical practice. Take better pictures show off your best results. Convert patients with your success stories.
Published by: Steve Schadt
Date Published: 02/25/2014
Edition: 2
Available in: Ebook Paperback

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