FIVE Quick Wins For Your Marketing

By January 30, 2015Medical Marketing, Mobile, Video, website

1. Create video patient testimonials with your cellphone.

Content marketing is all the buzz right now and hands down the best content is happy patients and their great results. The social proof and instant impact is a huge value. Learn how to get patient testimonials and stories then use them on your website and social media accounts. If someone agrees to be a before and after you owe it to your business to get a real spoken testimonial for your website.

Video resources to learn how to get great patient video HERE

Gallery of patient videos from around the world HERE

Download our Ebook – Digital Photo and Video For The Medical Practice HERE

2. Download our Patient Google Review Guide to get more and better online reviews.

Download a quick PDF to print out and hand to patients to guide them through the Google Review process. It has huge value for your SEO and overall credibility. Practices with lots of reviews get a big search boost and giving people better tools to review your practice makes a ton of sense.

Download our printable Google Review Guide to give to your patients

Learn about Google Reviews and their impact on your Google search results

3. Check your site for known Google Penalties.

Slow site speed, bad links and no mobile version are big problems on Google search. Sites that don’t load fast are universally hated by patients and search engines alike. Use these tools to check your site and know where you stand.

Check your site speed HERE

Check your site’s mobile friendliness HERE

Learn about negative SEO and Google link penalties HERE

Learn about the Genesis Framework and building SEO ready sites HERE

4. Write copy that converts and sells.

SEO for a long time discounted the value of well written copy. The fact is that for many years on the web it just didn’t matter much how something was written if it had the right keywords and length. This focus on the robotic aspect of search content created huge reservoirs of horrible content, boring blogs and fake articles. if your content sounds like it was written by Robbie The Robot then it’s time to find a decent copywriter.

Learn about Content Marketing and SEO HERE

5. Google Business View – Virtual Tour

Total no brainer in a competitive market. In just a day you can feature your business on Google search, mobile and maps. It’s a one time fee, less than 1K, and lasts forever on Google. Get your business tour done by a Google Trusted Photographer and gain a quick and easy leg up in your market.

Get a Google Business View Tour HERE

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