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Why build your site with the Genesis Framework?

Genesis is a framework for WordPress. This means that Genesis is a foundation upon which we build a WordPress site. Rather than building a completely custom theme for your website from the ground up, this framework handles much of the heavy lifting for efficient code, mobile ready design and amazing SEO. It allows developers to make extremely efficient, responsive and fast loading sites. It avoids the bloat that comes along with most Custom WordPress themes that rely heavily on custom code, plugins and javascript.

Why does this matter?

Bloated sites load slow and Google hates slow load times. Your smartphone chokes on bloated sites. By developing in the Genesis framework we can create sites that load 3 to 7 times faster on all devices. This time savings adds up and is good for bandwidth, good for users and good for overall conversion. Simply stated, everybody loves a fast site and everybody hates a slow one

What is the benefit of using Genesis for a website?

  1. Speed – Built properly, these sites are the fastest loading WordPress sites.
  2. Search Engine Optimization – Genesis is developed with search performance in mind. Many beautiful website themes cause big problems with search engines. Streamlined design not only loads quickly but is easier for the search engines to catalog.
  3. Forward Compatible – Building in a framework like Genesis allows hundreds of thousands of developers around the world to extend and improve your site. A custom content management system from your website developer often locks you into that CMS for life. This is a big problem if or when you decide to part ways. The common code elements of the Genesis framework make it simple for a huge community of WordPress developers to work on
  4. Responsive – Genesis is designed for mobile. More and more we start our designs and layouts with a focus on mobile devices. The future of the web is clearly on smart devices. This framework really embraces flexible responsive design.
  5. Upgradeable – As Genesis improves so does your website. The framework itself is developed and improves and evolves over time. Your site will benefit in terms of SEO, load time and will be ready for the next wave of search, whatever the heck it might be.

This sounds pretty technical…

It is. However, the borders between design and programming are blurring more and more. It’s critical to build you websites that look great and load fast. Build something that works across all platforms. Build something that is easy to evolve and easy for you to modify. The most important takeaway from all this is:

Your web developer needs to understand that the future of the web is fast, flexible frameworks. sloppy themes, custom CMS and other home cooked solutions will eventually leave you in the dust. Make sure you choose a team that is building with your best interests in mind, not theirs.

What should I do to ensure my site works?

Just give our team a call @ 941.400.0104 or drop us a line through the site. We’ll take a look at what you have going and make some actionable recommendations for you. It’s not hard to move the design you love to a more flexible framework. Take 10 minutes to go over some options. You’ll be glad you did.