Google Business View is a virtual tour of your business that is part of Google Maps, Google Local, Google Search and Google Mobile

Getting a your business set up with Google Business View, Google + and Google Maps is a total NO BRAINER.

Doctors, attorneys, gyms, dentists, chiropractors, car dealers, ANYONE proud of their business and in a competitive local space needs to get your Google Business View photo shoot scheduled ASAP. It integrates your business with Google maps, local, and search at a deep level.

  • Serious search benefits

  • Patients, prospects, and customers able to tour your business

  • Huge increase of online footprint and visibility.

  • Google Local visibility, Google maps, Google mobile

  • One time project – fast and easy

  • High quality photography – you own copyright

  • Access to Google to fix Name, Address and Place issues.

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Create trust, Create traffic…

Not only will patients, prospects, and customers be able to tour your business – you’ll gain a huge leg up on the competition in terms of online footprint and visibility. These tours are coming up all over the web and especially on mobile and local searches (the kinds of searches that power local businesses like yours).



Web search is moving into your mobile device and Google is really pushing to get your local business cataloged the exact same way it has cataloged and mapped the streets and landmarks all over the world.

Google Business View - SEO

It helps creates trust between your business and Google.

If you believe local people are searching for your business online you simply can’t afford not to get this done.



Check out these quotes from actual GOOGLE cases studies.


“Our business experienced a 50% increase in the click-through rate from the search results to its website.” Poe states, “We’ve been growing more since we’ve had Business View. Any future location that we open is going to have this feature. I thinks it’s invaluable and it’s going to be necessary.” Download complete GOOGLE case study:

CASE STUDY Restaurant Week NYC

55% of all participating restaurants had Business View and results showed that diners were more likely to reserve a table at those restaurants. In New York City’s competitive food scene, this compelling visual imagery offered these restaurants a valuable edge. Download complete GOOGLE case study:


The purpose of our page is to drive in-store footfall rather than online sales, and our Coventry store footfall is up by 20% year on year. Download complete GOOGLE case study:

Getting Started:

Only Google Trusted Photographers can make these tours and add high quality photography to Google search. I’m located in Sarasota, FL and have clients all over the USA. Email or call 941.400.0104 to get started.

You can even embed a GOOGLE Business View tour into your website:

View Larger Map

Check out these Google Searches to see just how well a Business Tour can perform on Google – note the “Knowledge Graph” results on the right side of the Google results…




Get Started with a Google Business View Photoshoot

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