Plastic Surgery Website Design

We designed this site to really perform and convert.

Plastic Surgery Dallas Plastic surgeon website design – Dr. Constantine brought our team in to create a brand new website and print identity to help him create a presence in the ultra competitive Dallas plastic surgery market. the website needed to really create a visual impact, perform on mobile and desktop, and quickly get picked up by the major search engines.

Search is critical to success

We chose the Genesis framework to design the site in because it offered unparalleled SEO and mobile optimization. This site is designed from the ground up to load fast and get picked up by search engines. The more this site grows the more it will gain traction in it’s market.



  1. Mobile Ready – in this day and age it’s critical for a site to work on a phone first. Not only is there a big search benefit for a mobile ready site there is a huge benefit for the end user who is more and more moving to the phone as a primary device.
  2. Fast Loading – this site loads quickly and degrades gracefully. Speed of load is a search signal and it is a feature that everyone is grateful for when you consider it in the design.
  3. Drive Contact – notice the information flow through every page of this site. Every page has a email opt-in, testimonials, and a easy to use form in the footer. Good flow is critical to converting leads and making visitors into patients. People can land on your site on any page. make sure each page is designed to convert.
  4. Genesis Framework – The layman may not know what this means but to the modern website developer this is simply the best, most search accessible framework to build WordPress sites on. If your website is built on some crazy theme or doesn’t address accessibility and speed your development team just isn’t looking at the big picture. We pride ourselves on building sites on the cutting edge that really perform on search.
  5. Beautiful Design – we really worked to capture Dr. Constantine’s aesthetic and vision. The simple design and minimal palette really matched what the doctor was looking for. At the end of the day the most important person to really love the design is the client and we’re happy we could capture Dr. C’s vision.
  6. Search Engine Optimization – because this is a brand new site we had some real search hurdles to overcome. The site took off on Google from day one thanks to a big push for social media, solid structure and a comprehensive on-page optimization plan.
  7. Built to Grow – this site currently has 45 pages but is designed to handle 4500. The whole site has been created to handle tons of new content, new cases, new testimonials and new everything. The future of search is content marketing and this site was created to compete with the Dallas market big boys long term.
  8. Built to Change – as the practice evolves so can the look and feel of the website. The design is completely flexible and sits atop the database which holds all the content and information. Forward compatibility is a big deal and no matter what kind of device is looking at Dr. C’s website in the future we’re ready to serve up all his content.
  9. Social Media Hub – every new page, post or piece of content is served across all Dr. C’s social channels. This means that he and his staff never have to log into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIN to share information. This website is a true command and control center for his entire search and social strategy. This saves a crazy amount of time and keeps his staff working and him in the OR not screwing around with social media.
  10. Content Marketing – Our ongoing plan is to release great content year round on this platform that delivers it to all channels across the web. With a long term strategy and a planned out calendar we’re strategizing for 2015 and thinking ahead for 2025. The only way to rise to the top in a competitive market is to deliver the best stuff on the best platform.

Great results for a brand new site

This site is brand new so we’re always a little worried about how soon the search engines pick it up. Dallas is a evolved market and some of the best plastic surgeons in the world have been actively working on their websites since 1998! That can be a tough nut to crack for the new kid on the block. We’re happy to say that the site was picked up almost immediately and went from 0 to 25 visits per day almost overnight. This site is built to compete fast because of it’s mobile ready framework, fast load time and SEO driven design.

The long term forecast looks great!

We plan to eclipse the older, static sites out there by embracing good design, good user interface and a smoking fast load time. While it’s almost impossible to dominate search right out of the gate this site is ready to rumble with the big boys in Dallas sooner than later.



Check out above the keywords this site is performing for on week 3 of it’s life.

We’re proud of this kind of early market penetration and look forward to 6 months down the road. Good design on a solid framework really helps a website get picked up early and well.


Long term, this site is designed to really grow and expand.

We’ve planned an aggressive content strategy that will keep the site fresh and constantly evolving. This continuous expansion of the site scope coupled with it’s core integration with social media across all Dr. C’s channels makes this site a real long term play for both great search performance and more importantly great conversion of visits into real patients.


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Web Developer/Photographer/Designer Steve Schadt is known for creating teams and building best in class creative across many verticals. Special focus in medical design, content marketing and search engine optimization. Interested in Steve or a team member speaking at your next event? We have great presentations on modern web development and content marketing techniques. Contact our team to learn more.