Dr. Seidman Production 2012-9-25

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Age – 30’s

Case Description – Veneers on upper and lower teeth to fix. Case could be well described as “instant orthodontics.” Corrected gaps and misalignment in teeth. Highly cosmetic case.

“After my procedure it’s been a complete night and day. I feel so confident. I feel so wonderful. “

What was your old smile like?

Growing up and before I had my work done, it was really embarrassing for me. My teeth were always an embarrassment. I would be on a plane, talking to people, I wouldn’t smile. I made sure when I spoke, my teeth were covered. It was an embarrassment to me. I didn’t want anyone to see my teeth. I really lacked confidence because of that.

What were your teeth like before you met Dr. Seidman?

I had always seen a dentist but unfortunately my parents growing up didn’t have a lot of money so I was never able to have braces. I never had jaw pain but unfortunately my teeth needed a lot of work. They were crooked. I was really embarrassed of them. I didn’t smile a lot and unfortunately with my business it was a big hindrance to my confidence and the way I felt about myself.

What was your first impression?

My first impression of the practice was they were very wonderful, nice people, very informative. They answered all of my questions, just absolutely a joy to work with. When I first met Dr. Seidman, he was very open, very intelligent, very informative, very understanding. I had a lot of questions and he answered every question that I had.

What was it like working with Dr. Seidman?

When I worked with Dr. Seidman it was really easy. He answered all of my questions. He didn’t persuade me. He didn’t push me into anything I didn’t want to do. He really listened to me and listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. I was very impressed and pleased.

How was your experience?

My first impression when I walked in was everyone was so kind. Everyone was there to help me out. They were great when I walked in through the front door. The secretary, Vivian was there to help me and assist me. Dr.Seidman came right in and they were absolutely wonderful. While I was having it done they were absolutely wonderful. They brought in a shake for me at lunch time. They called me after the procedure was done. Dr. Seidman called me to make sure I was feeling okay. I’m a bit stubborn so I didn’t take any pain pills or anything like that so he wanted to make sure I was still feeling okay and I didn’t need the prescription. Realistically (in terms of pain), it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…

Describe the process of your veneers case…

I went in for a consultation. They talked with me about different options that they had. I was looking for a full set of porcelain veneers. They went through the options of doing that and what the step process would be. So basically they started out right away. I got set up for my first cleaningappointment. I had my teeth cleaned right there at the office. After that, I went for my first major appointment and had all of my work done at once. They have an option to have you do partial, do they front and then the back but I did all of it in one day. Really, it wasn’t that bad. I was anticipating something much, much worse. After that, they give you a partial first and then you can look how it looks. You can see if you enjoy it, if that’s something that you’re happy with the color. If you’re happy with the way they look. I really enjoyed that I had that for three weeks and then they put in the veneers and I’ve never been happier.

How did you pay for your cosmetic dentistry?

For myself, they had a lot of different payment options. One of the options was to do a loan. I actually decided to do self-pay so I paid it off immediately.
How do your teeth feel now?

After my procedure it’s been a complete night and day. I feel so confident. I feel so wonderful. It’s just been absolutely fantastic. I’m meeting with clients. I have this extra confidence. I have smiles. I look at pictures now I’m smiling, I’m not hiding my teeth. It’s just absolutely wonderful, little things like being on a plane. I don’t feel embarrassed to be in first class because before, I’d be in first class and id hide my mouth because I felt like I wasn’t okay to be there and now I feel normal.

How do you take care of your veneers?

For myself with porcelain veneers, I go for a cleaning every four months and that’s right at Dr.Seidman’s office. He just pops in, makes sure everything is doing okay. I floss every day, I brush every day. I have a mouth guard during the night. He checks to make sure that’s fitting me well. It’s just an absolute wonderful practice to work with.


Age – 30’s

Case Description – Revision of previous doctors’ work on front teeth. Veneers on upper and lower teeth to fix. Replaced old dentistry with cosmetic porcelain veneers. case included complicated bridge to complete restoration.

“I loved working with Dr. Seidman. I did my research and I looked into a number of cosmetic dentists and I just had such a positive experience from start to finish”

Why did you choose Dr. Seidman?

I actually did quite a bit of research because I wasn’t comfortable with my teeth a few years prior to it becoming my birthday present and I had done a number of consultations, seen a number of dentists and when I talked to Dr. Seidman, he said. ‘who else are you looking at?’ and I named off a couple and he was extremely professional but he did tell me check about that, check into this, regarding the other dentist and when I did, I found out that one of the dentists, his licensed had been revoked and that was slightly terrifying that I just had a consultation from somebody that wasn’t even licensed to practice. And so, immediately that sat well with me because Dr. Seidman did not bad mouth the other doctors, he just said you need to check it out, research this. So I knew that I wanted to work with Dr. Seidman but I knew it would be expensive and insurance wasn’t going to cover it because it is considered a cosmetic procedure so I need to step back… about two and a half, three years later my husband as a birthday present said ‘guess what? We’re going to have your teeth done.’ And my first reaction was to burst into tears because I was terrified because of all the scary things I read about other dentists and I had gone through the procedure once and I knew it wasn’t a comfortable thing but I did want it so bad that I was willing to try again.

What were your teeth like before you met Dr. Seidman?

I was never really that happy with my teeth. They weren’t that bad. Most people can hardly tell that I’ve had any work done, which I think is fantastic. I’ve been embarrassed about my teeth. I didn’t like to eat in public, I would always laugh like this. So I had them done in 2004. Turns out I had a rare allergy to something in those teeth so I came to Dr. Seidman. It was a surprise birthday present from my husband to have my teeth redone. So I started seeing Dr. Seidman, and immediately even the temporaries were better than my other fake teeth. The allergic reaction was to a metal that was underneath the porcelain underlays. It is rare and it turns your gums kind of a pewter grey black and once it happens, it doesn’t go back.

What was your first impression?

My first impression of the practice, it’s in the Wrigley building which is definitely a fun thing. It’s nice to come to a landmark but the office itself everybody is always so warm and welcoming and everybody there it’s like they’re truly my friends. We talk about everything from jewelry to mascara and of course teeth. First going in to having my teeth redone, I was scared. It’s a lot of work, time, money but after meeting Dr.Seidman, he just made me feel so comfortable and he showed me step by step how the process was going to work and he showed me all his awards and he made me feel like I could trust him to work on a major- people see your smile every single day and I knew that he could do a good job.

How long did your case take?

I first went in for my consultation and then after we started the work we had to do a number of different impressions because I did have other fake teeth on and so we had to take those off, take the impressions and as soon as he put the temporaries on, those were better than my other fake teeth were. We put the temporary teeth and I had them for a couple weeks. One of my best experiences with Dr. Seidman was that I do have a particular place where I have a bridge and he sent that bridge piece back to the lab four different times. I knew that he was fighting for me because he wanted me to have the best experience, the best teeth that I could possibly have.

Was it Painful?

Because I had gone through it one other time, I expected it to be about the same but it was actually better. It was less painful than I remember it previously being. I think it was a huge part in because Dr. Seidman is a professional cosmetic dentist and the dentist who did my teeth before was a just a regular family dentistry practice.

Do you wear a night guard?

I do wear a night guard. My husband thought I should just buy the $3 cheapie at the sports store but I went with the real deal… I can tell if I don’t wear my night guard, my teeth just feel so much better. That’s (also) why I brush and floss every day.

Anything special about your case? (Frenectomy)

Dr. Seidman, said, ‘I want you to look perfect’ – he had recommended that I have – I don’t know what the technical term is but the little part that attaches from your gums to your lips to be shortened and I thought he was absolutely crazy and I’ve noticed it on many people now and I’m glad that mine are shortened.

How do your teeth feel now?

I love my teeth. They help me to feel confident in general but I have people who stop me on the street and say, ‘I just wanted to let you know I think you have beautiful teeth’ or a beautiful smile, and I say thank you. Just being out in general, I don’t have to worry when I drink red wine because they won’t stain. Can I say that? I think they look so natural. The coloring is natural, the shape, the feel, everything. They’re just so smooth.

Final Thoughts on Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

I mean just in general, I think every day is a story because everyday somebody will compliment me on my smile. No really every single day somebody compliments me on my smile. People stop me on the street. I had a couple who were getting out of a cab one day and I was waiting to get in and the husband said here you go, here’s the cab and I said, ‘thank you so much’ and I smiled at him and he said, ‘honey’ and he grabbed his wife and said, ‘look at her smile.’ ‘Thank you.’ I loved working with Dr. Seidman. I did my research and I looked into a number of cosmetic dentists and I just had such a positive experience from other all from start to finish and I would recommend him to anybody.