Dr. Mobley and the Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center wanted to hinge their marketing on actual patient stories…

We created over 16 beautiful and compelling patient stories using video and photos. This work is used throughout the practice marketing and replaces traditional stock photography. The marketing is all created using the voice of the happy patients and the effect (and results) are remarkable.

Check out some results:
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We were able to get beautiful patient stories by going right to the happy patients. We captured their results quickly in beautiful locations with no downtime at the practice. The work looks great because the people are comfortable and focused on their story. It’s the best before and after you can produce and also your most powerful sales tool.

Hear what Dr. Mobley has to say about it:

I was looking for a way to convey the feelings of my patients after their surgery and about me through a testimonial.

All the testimonials I’d seen online, I’d felt were contrived and rehearsed. I actually came across an e-mail from Steve where he described story-driven marketing and how he would tell the patient’s story through videos and really, I think in a more natural way and a more believable way convey their feelings. I thought that’s really what I’ve been looking for, is that kind of approach.

I have to say I’ve been more than pleased, I’ve been ecstatic about the results of that.

Not only are the patients really giving an honest portrayal of their feelings about their surgery and about our center. It comes across as a very believable and truthful testimonial because it’s not rehearsed and because it is their true feelings. Steve has just this knack for capturing a patient’s feelings and making them look natural in doing so.

The still photography, I think, is brilliant.

He has taken some of the best photographs of my postoperative patients that I have ever seen. He has done a great job of combining those two into these video testimonials that we are now using. I began using this, using Steve to film these and my partners were so impressed that they have also signed on and are also using him to do testimonials. We are all, the entire practice is involved in finding patients who are willing to do testimonials.

I have heard from several people that they see nothing else online that even comes close.

They say there’s just nothing out there that equals what he is doing right now. I have looked myself and I just don’t see anything else like it. I think he really has a unique perspective, he has a unique talent, and I would endorse him for anybody looking for someone to do video testimonials.

This amazing content is generated quickly.

One of the great things about the approach Steve takes with the video testimonials is that he can do them quickly. From the time we identify a patient who’s willing to do a testimonial and the actual time he produces them and puts them up on the website can be as little as two weeks, and usually, once he sees the patient, he discusses it with them and identifies a time they can get together, and in about an hour, he does the filming, which I think is really good because the patients don’t feel like they’re put out by the whole process.  They feel like it’s a positive experience.

And secondly, production time, very minimal.

Then he’s able to produce these state-of-the-art videos with still photography that’s very high-level, and he does it in a very short time.  Other website designers and producers we’ve worked with, they want four to six months to do this kind of stuff, and he does it in two or three weeks.

The photos/stories and videos are used across all our practice marketing.

One of the things I really like about the video testimonials that Steve has produced for us is that they can be used across all sorts of media. As a matter of fact, the still photography at such a high level, we are planning to use it to replace a lot of our photographs on our website of models, so we’re going to try to gradually over the next few months take those still shots that he’s making at the same time as the videos and replace our shots on the website so we can have all real patient photography on our website. In addition, we can use these in our Facebook by releasing them periodically and saying, “Here is a patient who had a good experience as Sarasota Plastic Surgery.” We can use them, the still photography in print ads. It provides just a resource of possible alternatives for us to use. We’ve even considered doing entire ad campaigns based on two or three of these patients. Because we have the still photography and then, we have the video testimonials to back up those photographs.

Review and Case Study of video/photo patient stories. Dr. Mobley talks about the Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center is using patient stories to improve conversion and create positive reviews through their website and marketing channels
Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center - Patient Stories and Reviews
Date Published: 04/30/2014

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