VCS 2014 Recorded Lecture – Capture Patient Stories & Reviews – Small Studio Photo and Video For The Medical Practice

Small Studio Photo & Video For The Medical Practice

If someone agrees to be part of your practice marketing you OWE IT TO YOUR BUSINESS to capture their result and story in the best possible light. Showcase your best work and tell your story. Learn how to use the modern camera to document your results and tell patient stories.
1. Cameras & Lenses – the modern camera is amazingly sensitive to light. Learn how this powerful tool can take sharper photos/videos than ever before in lower light conditions.
2. People – Shooting people – what lenses, what settings and what tools get the best results.
3. Lighting – removing color cast, great lights for small spaces, where to buy good lights and how to set them up. Create lighting that captures your happy patient results and reviews in stills and video.
4. Video – How to capture patient stories, classic interview setups and tools to quickly build the marketing materials that set you apart from the pack. Use a modern camera to quickly improve your practice marketing forever.
5. Marketing – Patient stories and reviews work for all media. From social to TV & print see how to use your best results to fuel your marketing efforts. See real life examples of video and web patient stories that convert.


Great document written by Dr. Shah. Really goes into the nuances of clinical photography. A great departure point for anyone looking to improve the quality of their clinical shots of people. Could use a few more examples and photos but a great start for an open discussion of clinical photography

Interview lighting is critical to capturing a patient testimonial quickly and smoothly. This video shows some elaborate lighting and gives you a bunch of great tips and tools for creating pleasing lighting setups in the practice that really work for documenting your best work. Find great light and use it to tell compelling stories.

Lighting for video – great tutorial on lighting setups and the amount of actual light you need to create beautiful videos. Lowel is a longtime provider of photo and video gear and has created a great tool to help you get rolling

The Iphone is a powerful camera capable of taking amazing photos/video if used right. You may have all the tools you need for creating compelling patient reviews sitting right in your pocket right now! Learn how to use your phone to capture HD video that rocks.

Rolling Dolly – a great tool for creating repeatable shots of patients. Good for video as well.

One light setups for photo and video – this photographer shows what a nice result you can get by using just one LED light. Watch some fundamental lighting techniques and see how easy it is to set up a flattering lighting situation with just one light.

Lighting with available light – We really believe great photo/video isn’t about expensive lights! It’s about using the light you have and making choices that flatter the subject. Today’s cameras can shoot EASILY in normal room lighting. Learn to use your existing lighting to create beautiful patient case studies quickly and easily.

Low light video – Modern cameras can shoot in very low light situations. Learn how to use existing light to shoot beautiful delicate portraits of your happy patients. You don’t need to be Annie Lebovitz to create a compelling image.

Window Light For Portraits – A window is a extremely soft and flattering light source. Learn to see the light and use this big source to create beautiful results. It may be all you need to document your results in a more aesthetic way…

White balance for videos – Yellow and green sneaking into your photos? Crappy lights keeping you from documenting skin tones and people properly? Watch this video to dive into the world of kelvin and color in photo. Most bad photos we see in medicine are a result of poorly balanced lights…

Cinematography – just a great look at storytelling and image making with the camera lens. This is probably more than you ever wanted to know but it’s so well presented and so inspirational you’ll find yourself sucked in!

Dramatic lighting for small spaces – More examples of lighting in small/office environments. See how a few lights, blinds and awareness of light can help you document someone’s story succinctly and quickly.–ever/P2

One light interview setup – quick and dirty interviews that will teach you how to get the review and get on with your day.

Interview Lighting – another great resource on lighting people for interviews and more

Want your videos to show up better in search? Google Webmaster tools shows you the way with video markup. If you don’t have the tech chops then have our team do it for you. Just make sure you do it – it really helps videos to show up in search…

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