Is your website too slow?

By November 4, 2014website
Speed up your web site

Is your website too slow? Does it take too long to load?

Nobody likes waiting… If your website doesn’t load fast it doesn’t perform. Slow websites don’t come up well in Google search. Your patients, prospects and clients all hate slow websites. Slow websites have higher bounce rates and drives away your business to your competitors.


“All other things being equal, a site that’s too slow will rank lower.”

– GOOGLE’s Director of Search & Webspam Matt Cutts

So, just how FAST is your website?

Check your speed with GOOGLE’s PAGE SPEED Insights:

aint-nobody-got-time-for-thatGoogle provides this tool to gives you a glimpse into how the search engine ranks your site for speed. It is our favorite way to benchmark performance and set the bar to improve your load times.

How do I improve my site speed?

It’s fast and easy.  

Our team of developers can drop into your existing website site and speed it up TODAY. Compress the graphics, shrink the javascript, optimize the database. minify the code. We quickly assess your site issues and fix them, fast! Radically improve your load speeds without affecting your current look and feel.

Get your site to load FAST.

It’s a no brainer and a easy win for your business. In just a couple days you’ll be loading faster and performing better. It’s the quickest way to improve your performance and increase traffic. We guarantee a faster load time through the Google Page Speed tool or you don’t pay a thing.


“Since we sped up my site we’ve noticed higher conversion rates.”
– Dr. S. Anderson

“I really noticed the faster load times on my mobile device. It’s the same site, just faster…”
– Thomas Mauser – Director of Customer Care – Genico Inc.


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