Bringing Patients to Your Practice

Get more quality leads.

Create trust and loyalty.

Marketing Direction — Get a plan for every month and execute with events, content, email and advertising. Make all your advertising work in unison.

Web Development — Medical websites that patients trust. We build the landing pages, content and video that gets results. Build tools that make your prospects into loyal patients.

Video Production And SEO – Video is the future of search. Get real patient stories that make people trust and buy. Create content that sets you apart from the pack.

Search Engine Optimization — Position your practice on GOOGLE. We create the content, video, links, local citations and PR that gets indexed. Learn about our monthly services.

PPC Advertising — Purchase advertising that drives quality patients. Our Google, Facebook and YouTube campaigns get fast results.

Email Marketing — Build your lists and generate business with ease. Our email campaigns are known to convert.


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Dr. Jerry O’Daniel

This beautiful website strategy has radically improved Dr. O’Daniel’s visibility and reach through Louisville and beyond. His state of the art patient stories tell exactly what he’s about and really showcase the quality of his work. We combine a great email list with a video first strategy to propel Dr. O’Daniel to the top of the search engines.

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Year Over Year Web Analytics 

Plastic Surgeon SEO

Web Stats – LouisvillePlasticSurgery

Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Jones is the number one hair transplantation physician in Canada. For years we’ve created the content, website and campaigns that keep his practice on top. From the state of the art website to a huge email database and social presence, Dr. Jones is a great example of a strategy designed to make prospects into patients.

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Email leads tracked – 31 Days – AUG 2018

goal tracking SEO

One month of email leads generated from the website

Dr. Ed Gross Patient Stories

Beautiful video patient stories create strong emotion with patients. The best way to convert a lead is with video testimonials. Dr. Gross created tools he uses in the practice and on the web to generate and convert leads.

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Check out the YouTube channel

Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center

SPSC is known for great marketing. This practice has been a dominant force in the Sarasota market by creating the very best content. websites, SEO, events, PPC, social and marketing SPSC has done it all.

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Quench IV Bar –

Mobile first and built for speed. This site is designed from the ground up for performance. It loads fast. It ranks for money keywords. When you need a site that crushes the competition contact our team.

Check out the site here



RVA Richmond, VA –

Design that converts. This site is designed to compete on the major search engines. It loads fast, it’s mobile first and it’s created with patient conversion in mind. Check out how we get real results for this bioidentical hormone replacement center in Richmond, VA.

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Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Content that converts. This site is constantly evolving with real content, Ebooks and other strategies designed to capture patients and cater to the search engines. From the blog to the email campaigns it’s fresh content designed with new patients in mind. 
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Dr. Gregg Lynam – Richmond Surgical Arts

This is a beautiful site designed to grow with the practice. We create new content constantly to keep the site fresh and keep expanding our reach across the major search engines. Constantly evolving, this site is a good example of a marketing campaign that works across all media, all the time.
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Tell your real patient stories.
Create powerful word-of-mouth referrals in your marketing.
Control your reputation with genuine patient video testimonials.

Content Marketing

The best way to market your business is with great content. Get the website, social campaigns and rich content that will resonate in your market for years to come. It’s the coolest thing you can do for your business, and you can produce it in just days instead of the months it usually takes. Jumpstart your marketing today.

Search Engine Optimization

Search changes every day, and we keep up with it. We attend the biggest conferences in search and marketing to stay abreast of the constant changes in search. A year ago, the sites with the most links were dominating search. Today, many of those same sites are reeling from Google-imposed penalties. Get a search partner you can trust. We have four fingers and a thumb on the pulse of modern search!

Video and Photo

Video and rich media is the future of search. Make your marketing work for people and for search. Get yourself found and create beautiful and scalable projects that grow with you and generate new business.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile-ready and easy to update is our unofficial motto. Don’t get locked into some crazy content management system only your web guy can use. We make fast-loading, breathtaking websites that work across all platforms. We build in WordPress so you can not only update your own page, but find thousands of developers who can easily work on it and grow your web strategy.

Steve Schadt is a medical advertising agency run by Steve Schadt. focuses on web and content in the medical vertical. Services include web, video, social, PPC, content marketing, SEO and comprehensive marketing direction. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level and dominate in your market give our team a call
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