Search Engine Optimization

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Video Optimization

Videos are compelling content that catalog well on Google. A well-planned, well-executed video SEO campaign can really generate traffic.

Local SEO

It is critical to register your business and optimize your performance on Google Local. These map-style listings and results often never exit the search engine to your site, requiring a very different approach to optimization.

Reviews and SEO

More and more third-party reviews are affecting search results across major search engines. People trust human reviews, and so do search engines. The challenge today is building positive information and mitigating the negative.

Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Good SEO hinges on good data analysis. You can’t make informed decisions without the numbers to back it up. We set up the tools and systems that not only measure performance, but also improve it.

Good Stuff Rises to the Surface

We really believe the best SEO strategy is to make the best website. Develop great content. Become the best resource for people. There’s no secret — it’s just a bunch of hard work.

Diversified Strategy

We don’t like to put all our eggs in one basket. We seek to get our clients lots of search signals coming in from diverse sources like images, videos, reviews and social media. Search is much more than keywords at the top of a website.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

We attend SEO conferences like PUBCON and SMX to learn the newest developments in search. Changes in how people search and the technology around it is always a great place to get new traffic.

Google +, Google Local, Google Reviews

Clearly, integrating your site with Google is a good idea. Building your content into their channels is also a smart search engine strategy. More and more, these are becoming huge search signals, and you should set up and use them properly.

Video SEO

Video is interesting content that catalogs well. The challenge is building high-quality video, then having it really perform on the search engines.

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